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2 to 12 months

At Big and Tiny, we nurture the social, developmental, and cognitive needs of your baby in a loving and safe environment. Infants learn valuable interpersonal skills such as listening, sharing, and expressing emotions. Our passionate and caring team fosters your infant's development by providing countless opportunities for children to learn and practice their understanding of new concepts through play and exploration.

12 to 24 months


At Big and Tiny, our toddlers explore and investigate the world around them through their senses. Using a wide variety of materials and opportunities, we encourage critical thinking, creative expression, and autonomy. The toddler program is built to foster independence, self-awareness, and respect for others through social interaction, collaboration, physical activity, and plenty of play time.



24 to 36 months

At Big and Tiny our biggest toddlers build independence, self awareness, and respect for others through social interaction, physical activity, experiential and inquiry-based learning, and plenty of play time. This program allows limitless options for problem solving, creative expression, community work, exploration and socialization—but most importantly lots of fun.

3 to 5 years


With an emphasis on social-emotional development and problem-solving skills, children engage in hands-on meaningful learning experiences that promote critical thinking, creative solutions and collaboration. Children’s curiosity is combined with an expertly guided investigative approach to immerse children in the process and joy for learning and discovery.



0 to 5 years

Whether you need childcare for a day or a week, Big and Tiny offers you the flexibility that fits your schedule and family needs. From long-term to last-minute needs when your childcare plans fall apart, we are here for you. Please note that this program is based upon availability Monday to Friday.


3 months to 5 years


Life doesn’t stop on the weekends and neither does Big and Tiny. We’ve got everything your family needs to make Saturday and Sunday productive and fun. Our weekend program includes lots of educational activities for your children while you take a break. Weekend program is offered in 3-hour blocks and reservation is required.  Please note that this program is only available in our Battery Park studio.



2 months to 5 years

At Big and Tiny, children are encouraged to explore and develop their curiosity through a variety of bite-sized enrichment classes sure to fit your tiny one’s interests and your family schedule. From ‘Parent & Me’ classes for 0 to 2-year-olds to drop-off classes for 3 to 5-year-olds, Big and Tiny’s enrichment classes are the perfect place to meet friends, create, play, sing, dance, move and have lots of fun!

18 to 36 months

Preschool Prep

The introduction to a structured learning environment like preschool is a “big moment” in your tiny one’s life. The transition into this period can be a time of apprehension and challenges for children and parents alike. Our team of experts is here to ease your family into this transition and prepare your child to be a confident and curious preschooler through this transitioning program.


Summer Camp

2 to 5 years

Our week-long and summer-long Art Camps during holidays provide a unique and creative approach to children's art. Using weekly themes focused on select artistic disciplines, each camper’s experience is guaranteed to be unique. Campers will grow and express themselves through daily activities including creative movement, music, storytelling, painting, drawing, sculpting, acting and a wide variety of other art pursuits. 

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