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Join us for unlimited weekend fun!

Life doesn’t stop on the weekends and neither does Big and Tiny. We’ve got everything your family needs to make Saturday and Sunday productive and fun. 


From "Parent and Me" classes for infants and toddlers, to drop-off weekend camps, we got your weekend covered! Our weekend half-day drop-off camps are offered from 9 am to 12 pm. These include lots of fun enrichment classes and activities for the tiny ones while you take a very well-deserved break. 

Parent & Me

0 to 2 years

Big and Tiny’s morning enrichment classes for ages 0 to 2 are designed to create a bonding experience for you and your baby alike. Ranging from ages 3 months to 24 months we offer a wide variety of classes to keep the entire family engaged. 


2+ years

Our half-day "Art Camps" and enrichment classes for ages 2+ are designed to build autonomy, and self-esteem while boosting children's creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.  

Infant Classes

Parent & Me for 3 to 24 months old

Through this mommy and me music educational class, students will be introduced to various songs each week, while they explore different body movements for awareness and sensation.

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Join us for stories, fingerplays, puppets, rhymes, and songs! Families will enjoy listening to children’s classic stories, watching puppet shows and dancing to their favorite songs.

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Toddler Classes

Parent & Me for 18 to 36 months old

This educational class, featuring classical music, rock ‘n’ roll, and favorite nursery rhymes, invites families to stomp, strut, and swing as they learn about core music concepts and instruments.


Inspiring toddlers’ creativity through visual art, stories, and music! In each class, we combine sensory play, science concepts, and messy process-oriented art to give your child a hands-on experience.

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This introductory STEAM class provides students with multiple opportunities to learn about science. Through hands-on investigation and experience children will embark on exciting, basic science projects and build gigantic structures..

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Music, Movement & Art in Spanish

Engaging Spanish class that incorporates storytime, imaginative play, music, language development activities, puppet shows, and more.

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3Y+ Classes

 Drop-off classes for 3 to 5 years old

By exploring various visual art mediums such as drawing/sketching, watercolor & oil painting, and sculpting, students will learn basic art techniques, and create original visual artworks of their own!


Students will be introduced to basic music elements like rhythm, pace, and dynamics via different instruments including ukulele, drums, and even their own bodies.


Students will be introduced to the basics of acting and improv. They will be guided and encouraged by our professional actor-educators to work as a team to tell stories together!


This fun educational program provides students with multiple opportunities to learn about science, engineering, and technology through hands-on investigation and experience.


Weekend Art Camps

 3 -hour drop-off classes for 1 to 5 years old

Our weekend enrichment program provides a dynamic range of opportunities for children ages 1 and up to pursue creative, intellectual, physical, and social interests outside school. We offer diverse activities that encourage self-expression, discovery, and growth. Through hands-on activities including art, movement, music, languages and play, children widen their social horizons by working side-by-side with peers from various age groups.

Program Available

from coast to coast

The weekend programming runs Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm in our New York studio. 


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