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Welcome to Big and Tiny
Battery Park!


Our “boutique” school is purposely designed to provide an intimate experience for both, students and teachers. The classrooms are inviting places, flooded with natural light, and stocked with a wide variety of natural materials, high quality equipment and cultural objects. Consideration and attention to detail is given to everything as we believe the environment has a crucial role into the learning experience.

We find inspiration and expand in the principles of Reggio Emilia philosophy.  Children in Big and Tiny learn by doing, carrying out questions, investigations and finding solutions. Our emergent curriculum is based on the interest of the children and positions the child as an active participant. Students at Big and Tiny construct their own knowledge through a carefully planned curriculum that engages and builds upon the child’s current knowledge. 

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With sustainability as core value, materials in our schools are sourced with the objective to educate children about the environment. Toys, furniture and elements are thoughtfully incorporated to encourage creativity, problem-solving and exploration while avoiding overstimulation. The studio features art labs, maker walls, music centers, reading corners, nap rooms, science stations as well as active play areas.

Our neighborhood – including parks, museums, libraries and other local businesses – are considered part of the school's "campus," and we incorporate these places into the curriculum so children can enjoy outside education. Children enjoy play time & exploration in Rockefeller Park daily as well as a weekly visits to the local library where they learn about unlimited adventures. 

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An immersive learning experience


Innovative education for children ages 0 to 5 years

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