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Infant Program

2 to 12 months

A safe and nurturing space for our tiniest learners

At Big and Tiny we nurture the social, developmental, and cognitive needs of your baby. Infants learn valuable interpersonal skills such as listening, sharing, and expressing emotions. Establishing these skills early is crucial for healthier social lives in future years. We provide countless opportunities for children to learn and practice their understanding of new concepts through play and exploration.

Program Objectives

Exploring the world through our senses

We put love, safety, and communication at the core of our infant program. At Big and Tiny, infants may nap and feed at any time. We have dedicated cribs with organic cotton sheets to maximize their comfort and our educators work closely with parents to ensure that every infant’s personal schedule and preferences are being accounted for. Parents are sent constant updates, photos, and daily reports on their feeding, napping, and classroom activities.

In this critical stage in your infant’s development, our teachers provide a safe environment where children respond to, adapt to, and learn about their surroundings using all of their senses. Through a myriad of activities, children stay engaged all day while learning how to make associations between sounds and sights and develop an awareness of themselves and their environment.

  • Awareness of themselves and parts of their body

  • Understanding object permanence through educational games

  • Exploring different textures and sounds with their 5 senses

  • Color and shape recognition through solving puzzles

Cognitive Development


Infants at Big and Tiny are exposed to a variety of auditory cues to help them make sense of sounds and speech patterns. Teachers are constantly communicating with your child and keep them engaged in activities to help them express and understand both speech and nonverbal body language.

  • Making associations between words and colors

  • Learning words in sign language and using familiar words

  • Responding to and imitating sounds and rhymes through songs

  • Identifying facial expressions and sounds

  • Showing comprehension of simple questions

& Communication

With teachers coming from diverse backgrounds, we create a safe and secure environment for your infant where your child will see many different, yet consistent and familiar faces.  By providing warm, nurturing, and personalized care, your infant engages in activities that encourage cooperation and imaginative play.

  • Learning how to interact with familiar adults

  • Developing familiarity with other infants and teachers

  • Displaying and imitating social gestures and body language



Cognitive Development

Fine & Gross Motor
Skill Development

We bring your child closer to nature by providing wooden toys and play structures that assist your infant's physical development. Our teachers use these sustainably-sourced materials to improve the coordination, accuracy, and balance of your child. At Big and Tiny, your infant receives encouragement and positive reinforcement every step of the way.

  • Learning to independently support their head, crawl, roll over, and sit up

  • Developing leg muscles using objects that support walking

  • Learning to feed themselves by holding bottles on their own

  • Engaging in sensory play, including finger painting, play dough and fabrics

  • Exploring the outdoors through playing outside in our open areas

Program available

from coast to coast


The program runs Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm in our New York studio and 8 am to 5 pm in Ocean Park and Santa Monica Place studios. Two, three and five day a week plans are available at all locations.






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