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Preschool Prep

12 to 36 months

Preparing young learners for their upcoming educational journey

The introduction to a structured learning environment like preschool is a momentous milestone in a young child’s life, but the transition into this period can be a time of apprehension and challenges for children and parents alike. Big and Tiny is here to ease your family into this transition, preparing your tiny one to be a confident and curious preschooler through this 3-hour program. 

Program Overview

Grow Independent & Curious​

We at Big and Tiny understand that children do their best learning and discovery when they feel safe and comfortable, which is why we place such an emphasis on preparing every young child to feel comfortable in a structured learning setting. Our Preschool Prep programming will guide your child to discover the joys and excitement of independence and healthy separation from their grown-ups.


Inspired by the philosophies and practices of Montessori and Reggio Emilia, our program will instill in your child a sense of self-motivation and classroom routines while guiding them to find the self-confidence to follow their own curiosity and love of learning. They will interact and work with their peers, learn to appropriately manage and express their emotions, and build a foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. 


Building independence and autonomy allows your little one to create a sense of mastery over their body and their environment.  Fostering independence supports critical thinking, encourages intrinsic motivation and inspires confidence. Our Preschool Prep program will ensure your child walks into their first day of school excited and ready to learn.


Language development is an imperative part of a young child's life. During these critical initial years, your little one learns how to communicate, express, and understand their own thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the ones around them. The Preschool Prep program will introduce your child to new vocabulary and appropriate interpersonal communication skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of friendships and making their needs heard.

& Communication

Infants and toddlers learn about the world around them and develop skills through the use of their senses. Sensory play develops and stimulates a child's sense of touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight. By exploring a multitude of physical sensations, your little one will actively create, investigate, and explore the world around them. This type of development aids in enhancing memory functioning and allows young children to explore the mediums which they are curious about.   

Sensory Curiosity

Preschoolprep-Groos motor.png

Cognitive Development

Creative Expression

The capacity to feel self-assured, compassionate, and in control of oneself begins with the discovery that emotions are mentionable and manageable. At Big and Tiny, your little one will explore the boundless spectrum of emotion inside them and will practice limitless forms of analyzing and expressing them. As they take part in theater, singing, dancing, painting, meditation and more, your child is bound to discover the form of creative expression meant for them.      

Program available

from coast to coast


The program runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 pm in our New York campus. Two to five day a week options are available.


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