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Turn your home into a family childcare

Start your business and earn money out of you passion for caring for children

Get started!

Apply for a Big and Tiny Home Pod

Do you have a dedicated space in your home to set up a luxury daycare?

Earn up to five figures a year doing what you love! All you need is a dedicated space in your home and a passion for caring children. We take care of the rest.

1. Set Up

From support to get licensed to setting up the space. Our initiation kid provides all the supplies and furniture you need to kick off. Financing available.

We manage all the operations so you can focus on what you love the most: enrollments, collecting payments, managing tours, insurance, marketing and finances.

2. Operations

3. Communication

We provide communication tools so you can communicate with the families and send daily reports and updates.

4. Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Through training and ongoing support and content, we guarantee a high-quality program in and out. Specialty teachers available though our network of teachers to make your program unique.

How it works

1. Initial Phase: Setting up the pod


Send us an email with your information: experience, credentials, pictures of the space available (outdoors and indoors).


After reviewing your application  we’ll set up an interview and visit the home.


We support you with the childcare license application process to you can obtain your license.


We provide training so you can teach an inquiry- based curriculum. If you aren't an educator, we’ll bring an educator to support the program. 


We provide all you need to start the pod including supplies and  furniture.

2. Running the Pod: Daily Operations


We’ll provide access to a booking platform so families can enroll.


Our platform will collect tuition payments from families.


Send daily reports to families though the platform.


We provide content and access to a network of specialty teachers.


We provide monthly supplies to run your pod.

3. Earning Money: Revenue Share

After collecting the tuition, we keep a percentage of the revenue and send the rest.

Help us redefine early childhood education

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