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Our Story

Keltse Bilbao founded Big & Tiny so she did not have to choose between career and family.  “Being a working parent is two full-time jobs,” says Bilbao.  “Our mission is to support the growth and development of both the child, the parent, the family and the community.”

Bilbao, born and raised in Spain, is by nature an innovator.  You may have seen Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a pair of shoes she designed, or maybe you have used her on-call esthetician service to get an in-home facial. For the past several years, her primary focus has been theories and practices of learning for early childhood development, going so far as to get her Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  “Our method is inquiry-based,” says Bilbao.  “It is rooted in curiosity and wonder.  I try to model this in my own life.  I always want to learn more.”


The nursery-school’s philosophy draws from and expands on several evidence-based practices including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Visual Thinking Strategies and Arts Integration.  “It is about bringing the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world,” says Bilbao.  


Over the next few years, Big & Tiny plans to open several locations across the US.  Members of one location have access to all locations.  “I don’t just want to build a school or a workspace,” says Bilbao. “I want to build a community, a movement.”

Our Mission

Improving families' lives

Parenthood is hard; we aim to make it easier. Big and Tiny is more than the sum of hybrid childcare and workplaces. Our studios and services are designed to provide an elevated experience to working parents to successfully transition and navigate the early years of parenthood.

Composed of local studios in  Los Angeles and New York City, Big and Tiny is a global movement offering an integrated learning community supported by a common vision and mission, a shared curriculum, a passionate and highly experienced team of educators, and award-winning studios for the entire family to thrive and be productive.

Our Core Values

Building a diverse community of curious minds


The role of the student at Big and Tiny is transformed from a passive consumer of facts and content into an active contributor to the learning experience and the exploration of problems, ideas, and solutions. It is in this experience that understanding is constructed and rich learning occurs. Voice and choice are at the heart of these settings as the learner helps create the learning conditions and learning outcomes with the teacher.


Diversity and Inclusion

We at Big and Tiny understand that exposure to diverse voices is an integral part of developing a compassionate, tolerant, and well-rounded worldview. We focus on respecting the unique individuality of each child and on cultivating their respect for others, the community, and the environment. Our objective is for children to connect and familiarize themselves with other cultures, races, ethnicities, and languages around the world. Therefore, several stories and discussions rooted in various cultures and traditions are incorporated into the curriculum.

Community-Oriented Education

At Big and Tiny we see parents as partners in their children’s education. Our goal is to create a bridge between a child’s academic life in school and outside of school. Our mission is to create inspiring places where parents are not only welcome but are connected, appreciated, and supported.


Environmental and
Social Responsibility

At Big and Tiny we aim to create environmentally-conscious citizens of the future. Therefore, we incorporate a curriculum that educates for sustainability through community-integrated learning. Materials in our studios are  sourced with the objective to educate children about the environment. Toys and elements are thoughtfully incorporated to encourage creativity, problem-solving and exploration while avoiding overstimulation in a world fighting for the children's attention.

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